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Sela Cajon


Sela are now one of the world's most respected cajon brands and have been successfully producing some of the best cajons for both amateur & professional musicians for over 10 years. Sela founder and developer Mark Westenberger has managed to steadily improve his products over the last decade and continues to develop innovations such as the Sela Snare Cajon KitCaSela Pro Cajon, and the CaSela Professional Snare Cajon.

Sela are regarded as a true innovator, inventing technologies such as the Sela Removable Snare System and the Sela Snare On/Off Mechanism featured on the CaSela Pro. They are renowned for their modern design and cajons made for maximum playing comfort. What really sells the brand though is the unique Sela sound giving the player a rich bass tone and full snare that cuts through and with a great separation of tones. Manufactured in Germany using the highest quality materials Sela is sure to never disappoint their customers.

At we are delighted to offer the finest selection of Sela Cajon drums that all come with free access to PlayCajon the world's leading lesson website with over 150 video lessons. 

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