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Hey there,

I wanted to let all of you cajon players/hand drummers both new and experienced that I have just recently launched my new free online program, 30 Days to Better Hand Drumming.

30 Days To Better Hand Drumming is a free 30 day program where you will take your playing to the next level.

Just 10 minuets a day for 30 days. Follow the videos and feel yourself becoming a better hand drummer.

If you play cajon, djembe, congas, or any other hand drum, this free 30 day program will help you improve muscle memory, build technique, and be a stronger player all round.

Start the program now:

Types of cajon

Types of CajonThe world of the cajon can be a confusing place these days. New types of cajon and new instrument builders are coming out of the woodwork everyday (pardon the pun).In this post I will highlight some of the different cajon drums that are out there, the sound, and an what type of music they [...]

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​Sela Pro Cajon

The Sela Pro is Sela's top of the range cajon, which features a new quick release snare on-and-off mechanism.Sela began development of the pro in 2012 and they took there time to make sure that the snare system and all the features of the pro were just right. The body of the pro is made from premium quality birch and features [...]

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What is the best cajon?

What is the best cajon? Now here is a question that is not easy to answer. There are so many different makes of cajon out there these days that the question of the best cajon really comes down to what best suits the individual. Many will say that it cannot be too complicated as what we are talking [...]

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Sela Varios Cajon

Paul Jennings Music will soon bring the much anticipated Sela Varios Cajon to North America. This cajon is a very unique product as is gives you all the features of a professional cajon at a low price.The Varios gives you a very big and resonant bass with a nice full snare tone. It offers further playing possibilities like [...]

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