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Snare Cajon Kit - Medium

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Attention Kids!

Are regular sized cajon drums too big for you? If so, we now have the answer to your problems.

Introducing the Sela Snare Cajon Kit - Medium. With a seating height of 1.34 feet the Sela Snare Cajon Kit Medium is ergonomically and technically ideal for children, teenagers and players up to a height of 5'.5". With the Snare Cajon Kit from Sela you can build a nice Cajon with a great sound in short time while having a lot of fun. 

You don't have to be a DIY expert to build the Snare Cajon Kit - Medium because the precisely prefabricated components guarantee a quick and easy assembly and each step is well documented in the included manual. After around three hours your Cajon will be ready to play. Even if you have never built a Cajon before you will have a great instrument that sounds amazing with its deep bass and crisp snare sound. One of the really great features of this cajon kit is that it features the Sela removable Snare System giving two instruments in one: a modern, professional cajon with an authentic snare sound and a traditional Peruvian cajon without a snare.

Features include:

  • Tools and Consumables
  • Removable Sela Snare System
  • Individually adjustable Sela Snare Sound
  • Resonance Body: 11 layers Birch, 15 mm
  • Sela "Thin-Splash" face veneer playing surface
  • Special Clap Corner Sound
  • Nonslip Rubber Feet
  • Detailed construction manual
  • Online Video Tutorial
  • Cajon method mit CD
  • High quality parts “Made in Germany”
  • Measurements: ca. 47 x 30 x 30 cm
  • Package: ca. 49 x 33 x 8 cm
  • Weight: ca. 6 kg

The Sela Snare Cajon Kit Medium is a fun project for parents to do with their children or for a school. 

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