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Sela Varios Cajon

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Paul Jennings Music will soon bring the much anticipated Sela Varios Cajon to North America. This cajon is a very unique product as is gives you all the features of a professional cajon at a low price.

The Varios gives you a very big and resonant bass with a nice full snare tone. It offers further playing possibilities like pre-adjusted Clap Corners and features the removable Sela Snare System. The Varios also comes with a unique and eye catching design on the front plate and a varnish that looks great under the stage lights.

With the Sela Snare System, it is also possible to use a second snare. In this way you get a lot more snare sound, which is especially popular among flamenco players, for Latin grooves and for musicians who generally prefer a “crispy”, assertive sound.

We at PJM are very excited to release this cajon. It is a really great product and gives a lot for the price.