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​Sela Pro Cajon

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The Sela Pro is Sela's top of the range cajon, which features a new quick release snare on-and-off mechanism.

Sela began development of the pro in 2012 and they took there time to make sure that the snare system and all the features of the pro were just right.

The body of the pro is made from premium quality birch and features rounded corners of high quality maple wood. The front plate comes in a choice of Satin Nut, Tineo, and Zebrano. Each with their own unique style and each with a slightly different bass sound. The Satin Nut gives a deep warm bass, the Tineo gives a higher bass tone good for flamenco and latin styles, and the Zebrano gives a deep and dry bass tone.

The Snare on all Sela Pro models is big and full with a crack that cuts through. There are also adjustable clap corners that can give even more snap. You can also adjust the amount of snare with a screw inside the cajon.

Like with all Sela cajons, the bass and snare separation is excellent.

The Sela snare on-and-off mechanism featured on the Pro is one of the most advanced ever created. The lever is located at the top of the left panel for easy access while playing. Pulling back the lever once will quickly turn the snare off and pulling it a second time will re-engage the snare. The mechanism has been fully tested and is very durable.

The Sela Pro Cajon is a top of the range professional cajon that gives you an instrument to be proud of and gives you all the features you will need to get the most out of your cajon.

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