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BuyCajon welcomes ARJ

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It is our pleasure to welcome ARJ Percussion to BuyCajon. 

ARJ Percussion are an Orlando, Florida based company who are designing and crafting some of the most unique and high quality wood percussion instruments available.

Their Cajóns deliver the rhythmic structure for a complete band when a full drum kit is not available.
They deliver a classic sound that can be used in all music genres. The unique feature of ARJ Cajons is that they offer a wide range of sounds that range from unique snare inflections to bongos, conga slaps, and rich bass tones.

Their Fusion Series Cajóns are handcrafted in the USA using premium grade domestic half-inch maple, birch and other selections of wood. They use a one-eighth inch natural birch tapa as the playing surface. The cajón is designed by the creation of chambers to form a single entity that produces a diverse array of sounds, hence the name “Fusion”. 

I had the pleasure of meeting Ron and the ARJ team for the first time in Nashville, TN at Summer NAMM 2013. I knew right away that they were great people and that they make an amazing and unique product. 

Check out the ARJ Percussion Cajons on BuyCajon.