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Best Beginner Cajon

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Many of you out there may be looking for the best beginners cajon and with so many different makes and models out there these days, it can be hard to find the best cajon that fits your needs.

In this post I will present some the best beginners cajon drums that we offer at BuyCajon that give you a great sound, nice look, and at the best price.

1. Sela Snare Cajon - $159.99

This cajon is by far one of the best beginner cajons on the market that I have seen to date. The cajon not only offers an amazing sound with nice separation of tones but also features a removable snare system so that you are getting 2 cajons in 1, a modern snare cajon and a traditional Afro Peruvian sounding cajon. It also allows you to stack an additional snare on top of the existing snare which gives a nice sound for flamenco styles. Never before has a beginner cajon had so many great features. 

The look of the Sela Snare Cajon is simple but nice. It has a birch wood body and thin but strong front plate that gives you many tones and will stand up to even the hardest of hitters. 

This cajon is a beginner cajon with all the features of many professional cajons and it's a steel at $159.99

Click here to view the Sela Snare Cajon

2. Snare Cajon Kit by Sela - $149.99

The Snare Cajon Kit is exactly the same cajon as the Sela Snare Cajon but it comes as a kit that you can build yourself. This not only gives you a reduction in cost but also is a very fun project for an individual, family, or friends to do. Everything you need to build the cajon comes in the box. The only thing you will need additionally is a power drill. You can also choose to finish your cajon with a varnish or paint it with a unique design or color. 

The sound of the Snare Cajon Kit and all features are identical to the Sela Snare Cajon.

The Snare Cajon Kit also comes in a "Medium" size for kids and smaller people.

Click here to view the Snare Cajon Kit

3. Cirrus Cajon by X8 - $139.99

The X8 Cirrus Cajon is made from premium selected exotic Asian oak and comes with a legally certified Sungkai wood front plate. Inside there are specially designed guitar strings that run vertically against the inside faceplate which give it a nice flamenco like rattle. The Cirrus Cajon also features a diffuser plate inside for increased bass.

It is a strong but lightweight cajon which gives it extra portability and is a great choice for many styles and settings. 

Click here to view the X8 Cirrus Cajon

4. Kopf Kids Cajon - $109.99

With the Kopf Kids Cajon even the smallest beginners can now have their own "real" cajon. This cajon is made in exactly the same way as a the Kopf DeUno design with no screws on the playing side and the rounded corners and smooth surfaces are easy on little hands. 

The Kopf Kids Cajon has two playing sides, one with two non-adjustable snares and the other with no snare for a more traditional sound. The body is built with Baltic birch and has Baltic birch Playing Surfaces which is one of the most popular choices for cajon builders. 

This drum has a real cajon sound in a child's size.

Click here to view the Kopf Kids Cajon

5 Sela Varios Cajon - $249.99

The Sela Varios is at the top end of beginner cajons. If your budget is on the higher end of low, and what I mean by that is bellow $300.00, then this might be the perfect cajon for you. 

The sound of the Varios cajon is amazing, with a massive bass and an full snare tone which is perfect for rockLatin, and flamenco styles. The bass and snare separation on the Varios is excellent giving you clear definition between tones. You can also add some extra snap by adjusting the clap corners on the cajon. 

The body of the cajon is made from high quality birch and it comes with rounded corners for extra comfort. The front plate is also made from birch and is thin so that many tones are achievable yet strong so it cajon stand up to a lot of hitting. The Varios has an eye catching design on the front plate and the glossy varnish gives it an eye catching look. You will not believe the quality and sound of this cajon for the low price.

Click here to view the Sela Varios Cajon

So there is some guidance on what is on offer from BuyCajon if you are looking for the best beginners cajon. I hope it helps you and feel free to contact me if you have any questions about beginners cajon drums.